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Control of Wet Rot in Chili

Pests & Diseases – Fruit rot could be a variety of symptoms of plant-disturbing organisms (OPT) that cause unwellness. This unwellness typically attacks on farming crops, particularly chili plants. Wet rot will attack young chilies (green chilies) additionally as recent and virtually ripe chilies. once you realize the symptoms of wet rot on the chilies that area unit ripe, it means that the chili has been infected for an extended time, i.e. since the chili remains inexperienced. Therefore, precautions ought to be taken as early as potential. Wet rot unwellness in chili, if it’s already widespread and severe, is troublesome to regulate. In some cases, this unwellness will cause complete failure. Wet rot unwellness of chili supported the cause, will be divided into 2, particularly wet rot caused by bacterium and wet rot because of dipteran attack. each form of plant-disturbing organisms (OPT) each causes wet rot on chilies, however, they have completely different characteristics or symptoms.

The following causes the wet rot of chilies, symptoms of the attack/characteristics of the attack and the way to regulate it:

Wet Rot of Chili Fruit because of microorganism Infection (Bacterial Rot)

Bacterial rot is wet rot caused by the attack of {erwinia|enteric bacterium|enterobacteria|enterics} carotovora bacteria. microorganism rot will occur in young chilies (green chilies) and ripe chilies (red). The initial symptoms of the microorganism attack enterics carotovora typically start from the stem and fruit petals. However, infection will occur in any part of the disjointed fruit.

This microorganism attacks the within of the fruit and damages the fruit flesh tissue to become soft and cloudy water. typically the rotten fruit starts from the tip of the fruit and bit by bit spreads up till all elements of the fruit flesh rot. Infected fruit can still droop sort of a bag full of water. Over time the murky liquid within the fruit can drip slowly till it runs out. once the liquid has run out, the skin can dry out and become clear and stay hanging. This unwellness is additionally referred to as lodoh unwellness.


Use of superior seeds that area unit immune to bacterium,
Land sanitation by maintaining the cleanliness of the plant setting,
Planting with a distance that’s not too tight, particularly throughout the time of year,
destroy infected fruit by burning it or throwing it removed from the placement,
mistreatment plastic mulch to cut back humidness, particularly if planting within the time of year,
Spraying bactericide with the proper indefinite quantity and technique.
samples of bactericides like adriamycin, great, kuproxat, plantomycin or bactoxyn.

Wet Rots of Chili Fruit because of Attack of Fruit Flies

In addition to wet rot because of the microorganism attack, wet rot of chilies is additionally caused by dipteran pests. Fruit flies area unit insects that prefer to attack fruits, yellow in color and their bodies area unit just like wasps/bees. Fruit flies that attack chili area unit woman fruit flies. whereas male fruit flies don’t disturb plants. woman fruit flies once getting into the generative amount can store their eggs in chilies. The eggs among some days can hatch and become larvae. dipteran larvae can survive within the host fruit by uptake flesh till it becomes Associate in Nursing adult dipteran. Fruit flies attack young chilies and chilies that area unit ripe or virtually ripe.

Symptoms of Associate in Nursing attack: The initial symptoms of Associate in Nursing attack of fruit flies are seen by the characteristics of the fruit stalk, the tip of the fruit or the center of the yellowing chili. If you look closely, there’s a tiny low hole within the yellowing chili. Chilies that area unit attacked can rot, slightly liquid and fall out. If the chili is split there area unit dipteran larvae formed like cabbage butterfly caterpillars. Attacks that occur on young chilies (green chilies) generally cause the fruit to fall before the fruit flies ‘ eggs hatch. whereas attacks on chilies that area unit recent (ripe / virtually ripe) typically the fruit can survive till the eggs become larvae before finally falling.


Growing chilies removed from dipteran hosts, like cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes or watermelons,
don’t plant on former eggplant, tomato, cucumber or watermelon plants. Unless the land is totally sterile from the remnants of the previous crop,
Installation of dipteran traps,
Spraying Associate in Nursing insect powder with active ingredients profenofos + metomil or dimethoate + metomil,
Spraying ought to be done once the dipteran is active, i.e. the morning before the sun is blazing.

Similarly, wet rot on chilies, symptoms of the attack and the way to regulate it. is also helpful…

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